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president Cheeto

temporary installation, New York City

Throughout his life and into his presidency, he has consistently hurled derisive nicknames.  He petulantly vents his anger at any perceived infraction, no matter how small. Finally popular culture has pegged him with a moniker that reveals his true colors – Cheeto. That junky, cheezy, artificial, bad for you snack food perfectly evokes his fake tan and greasy personality.


For my urban street interventions, I like to use culturally appropriate materials, so on a sunny day at the end of May, 2017, armed with a stencil and bags of Cheetos, I created his portrait on West 23rd Street in New York, in full view of the Highline Park above.

video footage + photos by Victor Fong

Christopher Pelley installing President Cheeto in New York,  May 28, 2017

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